Matibenga fights for civil servants

Newly sworn in Public Service Minister Lucia Matibenga has vowed to pursue the issue of civil servants salary increments until its finalised.

Lucia Matibenga
Lucia Matibenga

Matibenga, who has a strong labour unionism background, told delegates attending a feedback meeting here that although she could not promise much, the issue of civil servants salaries was close to her heart.

This follows a nationwide outcry from civil servants who are pushing for salaries that are in accordance with the poverty datum line.

"The brief that I got from Prime Minister Tsvangirai when I became Public Service Minister is that I should use my unionism experience in the job. Therefore, I will certainly do that and as for civil servants, they should be patient and see the changes that will be there," she said.

Matibenga also reiterated that there was need for a vibrant negotiating committee for civil servants.

"There is no vibrant negotiating team for civil servants in the country and that is the greatest shortcoming there is. The civil servants should address that," she said.

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