Mugabe exit: Mbudzi threatened

Retired Major General Kudzai Mbudzi’s life is in danger after calling for President Robert Mugabe’s exit.

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

Mbudzi, a Zanu (PF) prodigal son and probably the most outspoken politician from Masvingo, was part of the Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn project . He said Mugabe was no longer giving a positive image of Zanu (PF) due to his old age.

But party youths here have come out with guns blazing demanding Mbudzi’s head on a stake, saying it was highly rebellious of him to call for Mugabe’s exit.

Zanu (PF) national deputy youth commissar, Talent Majoni, said they wouldnot rest until justice is done to Mbudzi.

“He has gone to the deep end of the pool and he deserves a lesson so that others will understand that it is not good to say such things against the President. We know Mbudzi as a frustrated gold digger who tried his luck in politics and failed … we want to punish him for that,” said Majoni.

Although he confirmed that his life was now in danger, Mbudzi said he would rather die than retract his statement.

“I am still Zanu (PF) and I shall never be intimidated to the extent of retracting my statements. I am simply saying the old guard in Zanu (PF) including Mugabe must go so that they pave way for the young blood,” he said.

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