Mum 'taught tot to smoke', says Dad

A Romanian dad is demanding custody of his daughter after his ex wife taught the two-year-old to smoke.

She then uploaded the video onto the internet and admits that she has also taught the youngster to like coffee at their home in Bughea de Sus, in Arges.

The couple spilt a year ago and the court ordered custody to Elena Ursu, 28, but that may now be reviewed if dad Gabriel Burulea, 30, gets his way.

Mr Burulea said: "She wants to taunt me by showing me how she is treating our child, but I hope it will backfire and be what I need to win custody. Our daughter doesn't want milk – just coffee – and instead of sweets she wants cigarettes. It's terrible.

"When I am allowed to visit her I can see that she is so desperate for a cigarette that she even grabs the ends of cigarettes and puts them in her mouth. It's sick."

The video shows the girl smoking and her mother Elena Ursu, 28, encouraging her to do so.

Toddler Elena Burulea, aged two years and seven months, is also addicted to coffee said dad Gabriel.

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