Musicians turn vendors

"Why sell in the store when you can sell in the streets?" rhymes American rap star Jadakiss in his thought provoking hit track called ‘Why’.

Leonard Mapfumo sells his own albums.
Leonard Mapfumo sells his own albums.

The effects of the statement are evident millions of miles away in the ailing Zimbabwean music industry where artists such as Cindy, Leonard Mapfumo, Stach, Trevor Dongo, Juicer Mpositori, producers Joe Machingura and McDonald "Mac Dee" Chidavaenzi and others have strongly recommended marketing their own products.

Mac Dee, the founder of Eternity Studios, said by that distributing their own CDs at charges they can control, they are able to restore the pride of owning original CDs.

"I used to produce albums and submit them to much bigger stables such as Metro Studios and Diamond Production Studios for marketing and distribution. But now we are taking everything into our own hands."

Heshi Mfeshi producer, Machingura, also revealed that they managed to sell a commendable 2 500 copies of Mapfumo's previous album and 1 000 copies for the lead single ‘Two Chete’ (just the two of us).

Cindy is also on record saying that she has sold more than 700 copies of her album ‘The Groove Theory’on her own.

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