Police push for inquest into Mujuru’s death

Police in Harare have requested an inquest into the death of retired army general Solomon Mujuru, in a clear indication they’ve been unable to establish the facts relating to his suspicious death in a farm house fire two months ago.

Solomon Mujuru,
Solomon Mujuru,

The 67 year Mujuru, regarded by many as a political power broker in ZANU PF, died at one of his commercial farms in Beatrice, 35 km south of Harare, after his house caught fire at night and the roof collapsed on him. His body was found burnt beyond recognition.

Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri this week told the state media they had handed over the probe to the courts for an inquest. An inquest is a legal inquiry into a death and it is held in public, in cases where the death was violent, sudden or unnatural.

General Mujuru’s widow Vice President Joice Mujuru, plus close family friends, have been demanding answers over his death. A legal expert told SW Radio Africa that an inquest would allow relatives and other people to ask questions and to be represented by lawyers, if they wish.

He said the inquest would also try to establish whether Mujuru died before the inferno at his house or if he was killed by the fire.

‘People must be aware however that an inquest does not set out to apportion blame as a trial does. If during the inquest it becomes apparent that his death could be due to murder, the presiding court officer will send his findings to the attorney-general’s office to see if they can press charges against anyone responsible for his death,’ the lawyer said.

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