Prince of Darkness

EDITOR - On October 19, 2011, EnosNkala, the great and treacherous political dinosaur cum former Defence Minister of Zimbabwe, lost his cool when he was challenged by our esteemed journalist, Lance Guma of SWRadioAfrica. He was asked to explain the notorious role he might have played in the planning of the Gukurahundi Genocide.

This genocide resulted in the massacre of over 20 000 Ndebele people and the mass exodus of the Ndebele people from Zimbabwe. It is equally not surprising that EnosNkala would deny his involvement in this event. This kind of denial forms the DNA psyche of these criminals.

One of the most dramatic moments of the interview, where EnosNkala got extremely hot under the collar, was when it was put to him that Thembani Dube, in one of his articles, once described him and Professor Jonathan Moyo as the worst Ndebele leaders the region had ever seen. He reacted badly, stating he did not give a ‘damn if he was viewed as a bad person’.

If Enos Nkala was against Gukurahundi, why did he not resign from government at the time and publicly state his position regarding the issue? He only left Zanu (PF) after being discarded for his involvement in the Willow Gate scandal. His bitterness against Mugabe is based on this scandal and the fact that he was used, abused and later discarded when he had served his usefulness.

It remains an indisputable fact of history that the rouble rousing Enos Nkala laid the foundation for the first ever genocide to be committed in southern Africa.

Nkala’s provocative political ranting against PF Zapu and The Zimbabwe Peoples’ Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) led to the dangerous clashes that took place between ZNLA and ZIPRA forces at Entumbane in the 80’s.

Enos Nkala and his gang should be reminded that Gukurahundi remains an albatross around their necks. The recent declaration of Gukurahundi as a genocide by Genocide Watch should be sending shock waves to perpetrators of such crimes. Those who pride themselves on forming such as the Fifth Brigade will soon have nowhere to hide.

While the Organ of ‘National Healing’ was created with the aim of manipulating the conditions for seeking truth and justice to favour the perpetrators of injustices, it has turned out to be a nightmare organ for the perpetrators. They are probably regretting having ever agreed to its creation.

Moses Mzila, as a victim of Gukurahundi crime, has dealt with the issue very well and he has done a sterling job despite the harassment he has faced. One is left to ask about Sekai Holland of MDC-T. Where is this lady of the movement for democracy and justice?

The MDC-T has gained notoriety for using Gukurahundi as a vote-earning political exercise in Matabeleland only to go behind the back of the people and promise the perpetrators of Gukurahundi protection against prosecution for their crimes.

The message is very clear for those who make criminality a hobby: Who would have ever thought that the flamboyant Gaddaffi would one day be dragged out of a sewage drain? Unbelievable! For sure there are seasons for everything! – THEMBANI DUBE, by e-mail

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