Respect human rights: EMCOZ

Zimbabwe still has a deficit in democracy and respect for human rights which has contributed to the slow recovery of the economy, the President of the Employers Confederation of Zimbabwe has said.

Speaking at the launch of a Publicity Campaign for the Kadoma Declaration in Manicaland on Friday, David Govere, who also doubles as a chairman for the

Business Council of Zimbabwe, said the country was still regarded as a high risk due to unstable political environment.

Govere said there was need for tolerance and a respect for human rights if the country was to attract foreign direct investment.

"The peace we have with each other and a sound governance framework becomes a catalyst for investment, which in turn promotes growth," he said.

Govere said the country’s economy could surpass the $20 billion GDP mark by 2014 if the partners in the Tripartite Negotiating Forum respected the Kadoma Declaration.

The partners in Kadoma Declaration include the government, labour and businesses.

He went on to say the country needed responsible and wise leadership that would encourage the partners to talk to each other and drive the whole process forward.

"The legacy that we must leave behind is that we laid a foundation of a peaceful and prosperous country," said Govere. “This means climbing down from those violent

horses and sending doves to each other. We need to be at peace with each other and become a sanctuary for the weary and down hearted."

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