Respect the deaf vendor

EDITOR – It’s of great concern that in a country where more than half a million people are deaf, some of us treat deaf people in an inhuman manner. To the lady who shouted at the deaf vendor, this is for you and I hope that with the grace of God you will change your attitude.

I watched as you shouted for your change from the deaf vendor, even though you saw he could not speak. Please note that the vendor always has a white laminated card clipped on his shirt where it is written: "I’m deaf and selling". Not only that, but the price lists of what he sells are clearly displayed.

This man’s life is made difficult by people like you. If only you could give him respect, you would be blessed enough. Whatever reason you had for behaving the way you did, you need to acknowledge how inappropriate it was for you to shout at this man.

The next time you see this man he won’t be holding a piece of cardboard, he will be wearing the t-shirt I made for him which reads: "Pliz don’t shout at me! I`m deaf and selling". There will also be a list of the things he is selling, with clearly displayed prices for everything. – CHARLES NYAKURWA, Monkey Valley

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