Rhino dehorning conflict rages

The government’s planned rhino dehorning exercise has been castigated by some stakeholders as having negative repercussions for the animals.

"Dehorning the rhino is similar to removing a bulldog's teeth or the balls of the bull,” said one environmentalist at the recent Rhino Celebrations day.

"Considering that the horns are the pride of any animal, removing them will simply make the rhino less proud amongst its own kin," said Prosper Mapuza.

According to experts the black rhino uses its horn to pull foliage when browsing and the female rhino uses it to help a newborn calf to its feet.

According to Dr William Fowlds, a wildlife expert, the animals also use their horns to defend themselves from predators like lions.

The government has imposed lengthy jail terms for convicted poachers, but continued international demand for the horns has meant that poaching is on the increase.

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