Stand guard against ‘empowerment’: Makone

MDC-T Women Assembly chairperson Terresa Makone has warned the country not to be misled by Zanu (PF) empowerment mantra saying that it is similar to the land reform programme highly hyped but only beneficial to a few.

Terresa Makone
Terresa Makone

Makone who is also the Co-Minister of Home Affairs said that the MDC is opposed to the empowerment drive from its partner in the Government of National Unity (GNU) Zanu (PF) because it is parochial and will not benefit the broad masses as envisaged by the MDC which would like to see a Broad Based Empowerment and not just an empowerment of a few people as was the case with the land reform programme which was embarked on soon after the formation of the MDC which was a threat to Zanu (PF) deeply entrenched hegemony.

“Do not be misled by Zanu (PF) talk of empowerment. Real empowerment will only be carried by President Morgan Tsvangirai which will benefit all the people,” said Makone.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has lately been quoted saying that empowerment gives him a ‘headache’ and also scares away investors, and on Sunday, Makone said that the Zanu (PF) initiated empowerment is a desperate maneuver by the former ruling party to ensure that the MDC does not get credibility from the people for attracting investment.

After years of economic woes that were characterized by hype inflation and price controls the country is on a recovery path with manageable inflation and a stable currency thanks to the introduction of multiple currencies in 2009.

However, the economic stability has not been followed by employment opportunities and many people in the country are still to go to work as promised when the Government of National Unity was formed two years ago.

Makone, who is also a notable businesswoman, said that the 51 percent share secession by investors in the country is a clear sign that Zanu (PF) which crafted the investments law wants to scare investors and drive them away.

“The 51 percent share demand is an indication that Zanu (PF) would to ensure that there is no investment in the country. (Minister of Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Saviour) Kasukuwere black empowerment will only benefit him and his cronies and not the majority,” said Makone.

Critics have expressed concerns on the timing of empowerment and the fact that it actually is not attractive to investors at a time when other African states have laws that actually attract investors.

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