Team Zimbabwe’s film workshop

The writers of the popular television series, The Team, recently held workshops for would-be script writers to coincide with the just ended Zimbabwe International Film Festival.

Elton Mujariana, one of the three writers and facilitator of the workshop, said the objective was to invest in the country’s film industry. He added that the growth of the episodic series sector in Africa and the many social issues facing Zimbabwe, could spur writers to create new television series.

The Team addresses the very real divisive issues facing societies in a dozen African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries, using sport as a way of crossing barriers. Each episode The Team follows a football team who must overcome their differences – be they cultural, ethnic, religious, tribal, racial or socio-economic – in order to work together to win the game. The whole series is created and produced locally. Actors and scriptwriters, who have experienced violent conflict and divisions firsthand, are drawn from local populations in countries like Kenya, Morocco and Cote d’Ivoire.

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