Two-faced cat beats the odds

A 12-year-old cat with two faces has been recognised as the longest living in the world with the condition.

The blue-eyed rag doll cat, called Frank and Louie, has made it into the 2012 edition of Guinness World Records, reports the Mirror.

Frank and Louise is a Janus cat, named after the Roman god with two faces, which don't normally live longer than just a few days.

He was born with two faces, two mouths, two noses, three eyes – and lots of doubts about his future.

Frank and Louie was to be put down when he was just one day old before owner Marty Stevens decided to adopt him.

Ms Stevens, of Worcester, Massachusetts, said: "Every day is kind of a blessing; being 12 and normal life expectancy when they have this condition is one to four days.

"So, he's ahead of the game; every day I just thank God I still have him."

She was working at a veterinary practice when Frank and Louie's breeder brought him in to be put down.

Ms Stevens offered to take him home, but experts told her not to get her hopes up as Janus cats suffer congenital defects that make it difficult for them to eat or drink.

But Ms Stevens used feeding tubes to nourish him for three months, and incredibly he grew up as healthy as any normal cat.

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