Upfumi Kuvadiki slams BancABC bank

Even before prospective radio applicants are issued with licenses shadowy black empowerment group Upfumi Kuvadiki is hovering over them demanding shares.

Last week the group, composed of Zanu (PF) youths with high-up political connections, accused BancABC of unfairly bankrolling owners of the upcoming KissFM, and sidelining innovative young people.

Tatenda Maroodza, Secretary General of the organisation, said the major shareholders at KissFM did not represent the struggling youths who should be empowered.

KissFM Project Manager, George Munetsi, and Fibion Gwatidzo, non-executive director for the upcoming radio station, came under fire from the youths during a public enquiry.

Maroodza dismissed reports that his organisation was eying KissFM in the name of empowerment, saying the organisation had no interests in the radio station because they were not journalists.

“Personally I have no interests in KissFM, but our concern as a youth organisation is the continued empowerment of people who are not youths,” said Maroodza.

Upfumi Kuvadiki, which at one time threatened to take over all foreign owned retail shops in the Central Business Districts around the country, has lost the steam and is now viewed by many people as a paper tiger.

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