Useless political parties

EDITOR - When it’s time for you to vote please open your eyes and be like people in America or like people in the UK. In the UK there are two big political parties, the conservative party and the labour party, the same applies in America, the democrats and the republicans.

If the republicans fail then people will vote for democrats. We need the same situation as that in Zimbabwe. Zanu (PF) have failed so people must vote for MDC.

Let us wake up Zimbabweans and see the bigger political picture. Don’t ever vote for a small party which really won’t take you anywhere. Do away with political parties like Mavambo dawn, Zapu, Zanu ndonga, MDC99, MDC Welshman Ncube. When you vote for the above mentioned parties you will be only splitting votes and your vote won’t change anything in Zimbabwe. Focus on two political parties only: MDC

Tsvangirai and Zanu (PF). Then we can really change things. – ANON., by e-mail

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