Water woes persist in Harare

The strike by Harare City Council workers has entered its second week, exacerbating water woes in the capital’s residential suburbs.

People in the queue for water in Budiriro last week.
People in the queue for water in Budiriro last week.

In some instances, people could be seen fighting for front positions in the long and winding queues for water in Budiriro.

“I woke up as early as one o’clock in the morning to fetch water. For that effort I must be allowed to fill my four 20-litre buckets before someone who has come here at six tells me to ration water. One bucket of water is only enough for me to flush the toilet once.

I have a six month-old-baby so I have to wash her nappies. Besides there is cooking and cleaning of plates which means the water is not enough,” complained 23-year-old Majorie Mupeta, a mother of two, as she shoved others in the water queue at a borehole at the Budiriro 2 flats.

It was the same sorry state of affairs in Mufakose, Glenview, Kambuzuma, Rugare and Highfields as people stood in the meandering queues for water. These are the suburbs which were hard hit by cholera in 2008.

Most people are now resorting to getting water from shallow wells. The water is dirty and contaminated, posing a serious health time bomb.

The Harare City Council has been urged to put its house in order by resolving in-house squabbles before risking people’s lives.

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