What happened to the love of God?

The dossier presented to President Robert Mugabe by Archbishop Rowan Williams earlier this week makes chilling reading.

It is horrifying to think that the numerous beatings and arrests of parishioners and clergy as well as widespread disruption of schools, health institutions, relief programmes and church services is all being masterminded by men in ecclesiastical robes – whose aim in life should surely be to nurture their flock and dispense Christian charity and the love of God.

The dossier catalogues a litany of intimidation and violence – which have become a daily occurrence for parishioners who support the Church. The police and state intelligence services have played a leading role in the violent disruption of the Church since the breakaway by pro-Mugabe prelate Nolbert Kunonga four years ago.

Many members of the Anglican Church have been hospitalised after being beaten up by the police and pro-Kunonga thugs. Armed men have also threatened several Anglican bishops and priests for their continued loyalty to the true Church, now led by Bishop Chad Gandiya.

Before breaking away, Kunonga was Bishop of Harare. Surprisingly, he is now claiming responsibility for the Church and its properties throughout Zimbabwe.

For Mugabe to claim, as he did, that he cannot intervene because the matter is before the courts is disingenuous in the extreme.

The violence being perpetrated by Kunonga’s followers should be a police matter – whether or not the issue of the ownership of church properties is before the courts or not.

This is just one more example of the lawlessness that is rife throughout Zimbabwe, and thrives with the active support of the law enforcement agencies while those in power continue to condone it and encourage it for their own selfish purposes. This deception fools nobody.

Kunonga is an avowed Zanu (PF) supporter. Nobody is surprised that Mugabe has not lifted a finger to stop his wholesale theft of church property and his abuse of church personnel and their flock – which includes thousands of orphans.

It was patently clear last Sunday that the majority of Anglicans in Zimbabwe do not support Kunonga – more than 15,000 attended Williams’ service in Harare, while 1,000 joined in Kunonga’s demonstration.

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