Why Mugabe refuses to pray

The news that President Robert Mugabe rejected Minister Nelson Chamisa’s suggestion that Cabinet should pray whenever it meets to discuss national affairs is not s surprise at all. I think it would have been more acceptable to the old man if Nelson had suggested that Cabinet meetings should begin with traditional dancing and the playing of drums and mbira.


I am certain that Mugabe would have found such a suggestion hugely acceptable and consistent with indigenisation and the silly notion of the so-called local content. It is ironic that Parliament begins its business with prayers – Christian prayers to God Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ. Does that mean that Moslems have no interests that are discussed in the legislature? Does it also mean that so-called traditionalists are not covered by all the business that is processed through Parliament? Of course it does not mean any of this.

We all know that the majority of the people of this country are practising Christians, and that this country has accepted the Christian faith as the dominant belief system. The President’s refusal to allow Cabinet to begin its business with prayer is a clear indication of his hypocrisy. We have seen Mugabe and some of his underlings consort with vaPostori, members of various sects in this country, in order to fool them to vote for the sinking Titanic. Indeed, Mugabe himself has been photographed donning the usual vaPostori regalia and holding their shepherd’s staff.

We are also aware of Mai Mujuru’s numerous visits to Christian churches and her pleas for the members’ political support. Was it not Emmerson Mnangagwa who recently declared that he had become a born-again Christian? Did he support Chamisa or Mugabe in Cabinet when the former made his noble suggestion? Did Mai Mujuru support Chamisa on this issue in Cabinet? Did David Coltart, a well-known born-again Christian, support Chamisa? It would be very interesting to find out.

Perhaps Chamisa should have suggested that Cabinet should start with every minister kneeling down and clapping hands to Gushungo. This would probably have been deemed acceptable, especially by the likes of John Nkomo, Patrick Chinamasa and Emmerson Mnangagwa who are reportedly used to doing that when they greet their ailing leader. MDC cabinet ministers would, however, have objected to such ridiculous behaviour.

Mugabe would not allow Cabinet to pray largely because he is afraid of the possible consequences of such serious action. A man of violence, Mugabe is fully aware that the Bible teaches that he who lives by violence will end his life in a violent manner. The demise of his dear friend, the late Muammar Gaddafi, at the hands of those that he used to viciously terrorise is ample reason for Mugabe to be petrified of prayer in Cabinet.

Mugabe has always taken advantage of the church to make political mileage. His embracing of the vaPostori is aimed at simply manipulating them as his political tool in the face of the forthcoming elections. He knows that his party has all but ground to a halt. It hardly has any grassroots support throughout the country. The forthcoming elections are very likely to result in the geriatric leader’s total embarrassment.

It would be quite dangerous for sincere prayers to be made in Cabinet calling upon the Lord our God to come to the rescue of this nation from the evil hands of the ungodly. Mugabe knows how bloody and dirty his hands and those of most of his small boys and small girls are. The just shall live by faith.

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