Woman wants late parents to travel

A Canadian woman is looking for volunteers to take her late parents' ashes travelling around the world.

Deb Green, 45, from Vancouver, says her mum and dad could never afford to fulfill their dreams of seeing the world.

So, she is advertising on craigslist for travellers who are open to taking a little of their with them in a vial for sprinkling.

Her ad, entitled 'Helping Alice and William to travel', reads: "Both of my parents are now dead and the one thing that they always wanted to do was to travel.

"If you are traveling somewhere and are willing to take a little of my mom and dad and sprinkle them and take a picture, then please contact me."

Ms Green's father, William, died in 1994, while her mother, Alice, passed away in July. William worked in a factory, while Alice cleaned other people's houses.

They dreamt of seeing England, where their grandparents were from, and of visiting Australia, and is hoping people travelling to those countries will come forward..

Ms Green added: "I'd love to see them travel the entire globe. That would be my ideal. But mostly it's where anyone finds beauty.

"I've had several offers – and, in fact, have already had some pictures back. Alice and William are now sprinkled at the base of the Eiffel Tower, and of a fountain in Las Vegas.

"I think they would probably blush and be a little shy about it, but… they would love it."

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