World's fastest car crash

This is the terrifying moment a Ford Focus smashes into a solid concrete wall at 120mph in the world's fastest ever crash test.

Industry experts Euro NCAP normally crash vehicles at speeds of 40mph when giving production cars a safety rating.

But Five's motoring show Fifth Gear wanted to see what would happen in a head-on collision at three times this speed, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Organisers refused to use expensive crash test dummies and instead opted for cheaper mannequins for the experiment.

The complex operation saw engineers from MIRA setting up a winch which would thrust the Ford towards the wall using 16 times the pulling power of a Bugatti Veyron.

As the contraption was activated, the Ford Focus hurtles towards the concrete wall and is obliterated on impact.

Within just 60 milliseconds, the car went from 120mph to 0mph with the mannequins subjected to forces of up to 400g.

Ellie Pearson from road safety charity Brake praised Fifth Gear for carrying out the test which demonstrated the potential risk of high-speed driving.

She said: "Modern cars are capable of reaching immense speeds and it is important that people realise how dangerous high speed driving is.

"This footage demonstrates the utter destruction of a high speed impact and hopefully anyone who sees it will think twice about their speed the next time they drive."

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