YouTube pensioners terrorise neighbours

A video of pensioners daubing graffiti, terrorising neighbours, pelting homes with eggs and and attacking cars with walking sticks has been uploaded on YouTube.

The two-minute video, posted by 'Oldskoolmassive7',shows OAPs in flat caps and woolly hats spray-painting a wall, as friends record their antics on a mobile phone.

"Epic! what we did last nite!" says the description of the video. "Had a right laugh last night – did some tagging, got lashed, smashed a load of stuff up and went trick or treatin. It was sick man! Check it out!!!"

But all is not quite what it seems. The film was made by Lancashire Police who wanted to illustrate that anti-social behaviour was unacceptable at any age.

The gang of senior citizens are seen necking booze and using mobile phones to film each other as they spray graffiti, vandalising an empty building.

Dressed in flat caps, head scarves and shirt-and-tie combos, the OAPs down more alcohol, smoke cigarettes and play football where it is prohibited.

As the film reaches its climax, the elderly yobs don Halloween masks before throwing eggs and flour at houses, playing knock-a-door-run and damaging parked cars.

At the end of the film, a message reads: "Anti-social behaviour – It's just not funny at any age and will not be tolerated in Lancashire."

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