You've been framed

Dozy burglars really made a meal out of a break-in in Lublin, Poland - when they forced their way into a building opposite the police station canteen.

You've been framed
You’ve been framed

Off duty police on a meal break filmed the hapless crooks on their mobile phones and then sent their on duty colleagues next door to arrest them.

"One of our officers saw them acting suspiciously outside a printing shop and began recording them.

"After smashing a window, one of the men climbed in while the other two waited for him to open the front door.

"When they were all inside our officers went and arrested them," said a police spokesman.

Dad Miroslaw Kucharski, 54, son Jacek, 29, and pal Darek Smyla, 45, are all facing 10 years in jail on burglary charges, say prosecutors.

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