ZAPU art exhibition

The National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe will be showcasing liberation war pictures of the former Zimbabwe African People’s Union and its military wing the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army during the armed struggle.

John Nkomo
John Nkomo

Vice President John Landa Nkomo will officiate the opening on October 28 which has been organised by the Mafela Trust. The National Art Gallery Director, Voti Thebe, described the exhibition by Mafela Trust as a project meant to promote insight into the liberation war from a ZAPU and ZIPRA angle.

“The photographs provide rich insight into life in exile and the activities of ZAPU and its military wing ZIPRA. They show freedom fighters at their military bases, refugee camps in Zambia and also reflect on the harsh realities of war against the Rhodesian regime as well as the broader politics,” he said.

Thebe said it was fascinating how Zenzo Nkobi, the chief photographer assigned by ZAPU, was able to compile the visual record.

“These photographs fill the gaps in our historical record,” he said.

The gallery director said it would be a worthwhile experience to visit the exhibition in order to fully understand the history of Zimbabwe.

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