ZBC brings in the big guns

The state-controlled Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation has engaged the services of overzealous junior police officers to harass residents into paying their radio and television license fees, despite its perennial failure to transmit a reliable signal.

Residents here interviewed by The Zimbabwean last week said they do not receive ZBC signal transmission in their area.

"We do not listen to any ZBC radio stations because there is no signal at all," said David Furanera. "For television some rich people watch programmes through the

satellite decoders. Many people watch television at the local shops and bars where there are decoders and people do not watch ZBC," said Hebert Tuwani from the same area.

"We have had no ZBC signal transmission here in a long time, though surprisingly some ZBC and police officers force us to pay radio and television licenses, which are exorbitant," said Tuwani. Radio licences cost $10 and a television license costs $50.

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