3,5m kids in poverty: UN3,5m kids in poverty: UN

At least 3,5 million children in Zimbabwe are living below the poverty datum line, according to a recent report from the United Nations.

The report also says at least one million children are also orphaned in Zimbabwe. In response to this, the UN has set up a Child Protection Fund to try and deal with the matter.

The Child Protection Fund is a multi-donor, multi-year funding mechanism that finances specific interventions within the broad NAP II programme, in particular social cash transfers, child protection services and access to primary education through the Basic Education Assistance Module.

"Sixty percent of reported rape survivors are children," the UN said in the Report.

The information was gathered by the Victim Friendly Unit Police Report. The Ministry of Labour and Social Services has confirmed the facts from the UN. It said orphans were less likely to go to school, have birth certificates or access healthcare.

It said 22 percent of children report being abused by caregivers, while one in five deaths of children under five could be attributed to HIV-related causes.

UNICEF and the Government of Zimbabwe have now published a "Situation Analysis" report on the status of women and children's rights in the country.

The Report covers the period from 2005 until 2010.

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