A call for mass action

A call for mass action in Zimbabwe was made at the Vigil by the leader of the Zimbabwe We Can Movement, Ephraim Tapa. He said the future looked bleak for Zimbabwe: the political parties had failed and this was why the Zimbabwe We Can movement had been launched.

Vigil supporters launch Zimbabwe We Can movement.
Vigil supporters launch Zimbabwe We Can movement.

Mr Tapa, a former Chair of the MDC UK, came to the Vigil with a group of the Movement’s leaders who had been at a meeting in London to discuss the way forward in galvanizing support. Ephraim said disturbing developments continued to unfold in Zimbabwe. For instance, it had recently taken delivery of more than 20,000 automatic rifles and other military equipment from China and the army was recruiting thousands of jobless young men under Zanu (PF) instructions.

Ephraim said that, with the Kimberley approval of Marange diamond sales, Zanu (PF) was ‘not behaving like a party on its way out’ and the entire inclusive government was – as he put it – ‘under the armpit of Mugabe’.

“The GNU is reduced to a mechanism of self-enrichment and protection for the few. We are therefore left with the simple verdict that the future for the generality of Zimbabweans is bleak and this makes the case for mass action and the Zimbabwe We Can Movement,” he said.

Ephraim added that he wanted to see the UN station an observer mission in Zimbabwe until there were free and fair elections.

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