Arrest of youth leader will not derail us: MDC-T

The arrest of members of the MDC-T Youth League including national chairperson, Solomon Madzore, will not stop the party from making preparations for the coming election, said Mashonaland East Youth Organising Secretary, Brighton Takavadini.

 Solomon Madzore
Solomon Madzore

Speaking to The Zimbabwean on Monday, Takavadini said: “Though the arrests are a cause for concern, they will not derail party programmes or the mobilisation of party supporters to fully participate in the coming elections. We are ensuring that every youth casts his deciding ballot as Zanu (PF) should be dealt the fatal blow at the election.

Zanu (PF) might have thought that arresting youth leadership would deter the electorate from voting for political change, but the recycled and failed strategy was bound to backfire against them. The arrest of Madzore and his team left the people more determined to tame tyranny”.

Madzore and dozens other MDC-T youths were arrested early this year for allegedly taking part in the murder of a police officer in Glen View. They remained in custody as the state denied them bail. He said as provincial youth executive they were conducting youth voter education programmes to educate the youth about the need to register as voters.

“The youths, who make up the majority of the electorate, realised that Zanu (PF) had no capacity to improve their lot but only used them as agents of violence against members from rival parties. Every youth wants to be identified with the machinery that will drive the final nail into Mugabe’s coffin.”

Takavadini also said the youths were asking the party leadership to introduce a youth quota system in all elected portfolios.

“To enable the youths to fully participate in determining the future of the country, we felt they should be allocated a quota share in contested local authority and parliamentary seats. Representation of youths at these levels remained poor resulting in perpetuated suffering of the future leadership”.

The youth leader said that to help push their agenda, party members would soon finalise a resolution stipulating that youths would only vote for adult election candidates interested in championing the course of young people.

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