Attracted to God

This is the eighth part of a series on prayer, adapted from Madame Jeanne Guyon’s writings from the 17th Century.

“Return, you Israelites, to the One you have so greatly revolted against.” (Isaiah 31:6)

Conversion is nothing else but turning from ourselves to God. Conversion is not perfect, though it is necessary for salvation, it is a turning from sin to grace. To be complete, it must be a turning from without to within. The soul, being turned in the direction of God, has a great facility for remaining centered on Him.

The more it is centered on God, the more He reveals Himself. The greater the self-life recedes, the greater Christ is revealed in the lives of His people. This cannot be done by effort – all that is needed is to be continuously turned to God. He draws the soul and purifies it.

This turning within is very simple – and makes the soul advance naturally and without effort, because God is its centre. The centre has a strong attractive power; and the larger the centre, the stronger is its attractive force. Besides this attraction to the centre, there is a natural tendency for all objects to become united with their centre. A stone thrown into the air has no sooner left your hand than it starts to plummet by the force of its own weight.

The soul, by the weight of love, falls towards its centre; and the more it remains quiet and at rest, making no move of its own, the more rapidly it will advance, because it allows that attractive virtue to draw it. All that is then required of us is to promote this inward reconciliation as much as possible. Don’t be put off by the difficulty of doing this – persevere, soon it will become so natural that it will be easy.

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