Audience howls as Saviour Kasukuwere fawns over Mugabe

Indigenisation Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere, has gone a gear up in his praises for President Robert Mugabe as he battles to outdo his peers in Zanu (PF) as the president’s right-hand man.

Mugabe Looks East.
Mugabe Looks East.

Kasukuwere had the audience in stitches recently when he said even the West, especially the European Union that is battling recession, had now adopted the “Look East” policy, initiated by Mugabe when his relations with the West soured.

He said the fact that leaders of the IMF and European Union countries were meeting in Beijing to try and borrow money to bail out Greece and Italy was testimony that the president had long ago been given the insight that China was the world’s emerging economic superpower.

“President Mugabe is arguably the wisest man on earth. He has a mesmerizing religious, political and social history. As a young boy at Kutama, he excelled academically to the extent that the missionaries paid all his school fees. Even during his incarceration during the liberation struggle, he earned degrees behind bars without teachers to guide him,” declared Kasukuwere.

He further proclaimed: “The president fights for the empowerment of the previously marginalized black majority in Zimbabwe. In 2000, he embarked on the land redistribution exercise where thousands of landless blacks were settled on fertile land. The fruits of the land reform are clear for everyone to see.”

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