Chiefs impose Zanu conditions

Zanu (PF) heavyweights and pro-Mugabe traditional leaders have imposed tough conditions on villagers to attend Zanu (PF) organised national events.

Villagers in Mutasa district said they were under pressure from Chief Mutasa, who was responsible for an MDC-T victimisation mission. The Zanu (PF) provincial team in Mutare has been compiling a register of people who are forced to attend Zanu (PF) meetings.

“There are some villagers in Mutasa district who did not attend the last meetings and they are being told to pay fines comprising of either a goat or 40kgs of maize grain,” said a villager in Watsomba.

Concerned villagers said Chief Mutasa, through his headmen, had made it compulsory for every villager in his area of jurisdiction to attend Zanu (PF) national functions and rallies.

“Failure to attend a Zanu (PF) national function like Independence, Heroes and Unity day among other functions and rallies on three consecutive occasions would lead to the eviction of a person from the area,” said another villager.

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