Dance queen lashes out

Zimbabwe’s new queen of dance, Vivian Nkiwane aka Vivian Nomakanjani, has lashed out at the widely-held stereotype that dancing girls are loose characters.

Zimbabwe’s new queen of dance, Vivian Nkiwane.
Zimbabwe’s new queen of dance, Vivian Nkiwane.

Vivian, who cut her teeth in the music industry as a dancer to rising rhumba star, Allen Ndoda, has been catapulted to instant stardom with her debut House-Kwasa album, Nomakanjani.

The explosive Vivian has also sent shockwaves through the dancehall, leaving revellers asking for more with her scintillating performances in Zimbabwe where she toured recently.

“As a female musician who began as a dancer, I know about the stereotype, but I would like to urge Zimbabwean music fans to realise that the arts industry has gone through a change and even females should be accepted and praised for their contribution,” she told ***The Zimbabwean from her Johannesburg base recently.

“I am personally happy with the way I have been received by music fans since the recording of my debut album and hope to build on it as I try to establish myself as one of the best female singers on this side of the continent.”

The South African-based singer said that she had made the switch from rhumba because she liked the sounds of Botswana dancing sensation, Slizer.

“I have always admired Slizer and her music genre. After I assisted Zimbabwean-born guitarist and dancer, Alfred Mangena, in his album Siyabangena, I began to seriously consider doing something of my own and meeting my producer Cruz Moyo just opened doors for me,” added Vivian.

The two teamed up immediately to produce the album which has become an instant hit.

“The plan is to travel to the rural areas as well, where I know the support will be even bigger. Radio stations in Zimbabwe are also giving me fair airplay and I can only grow from that as well.”

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