Diversify sport: youth

A group of youths calling themselves The Force Behind Sport want the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture to introduce other sporting disciplines in the remote, rural areas.

“The government, especially the permanent secretary in the education ministry, Dr. Stephen Mahere, must craft policies that promote diverse sporting disciplines in remote areas,” said Yungai Kwangwa, chairman for The Force Behind Sport.

“I see no reason why I should take my family to the stadium to watch a cricket match. I do not have any idea what cricket is all about. I hear about runs, centuries, batting and innings – terms I can not comprehend. We grew up swimming in the pools by the river and I was very good at it. I urge the government to construct some swimming pools in the various schools around the country,” he said.

Kwangwa added that there was also need to introduce sports like squash, tennis, boxing, rugby, karate, body-building, hockey, wrestling and basketball in all schools in the rural areas. This, he said, would prepare the young children to choose from a diverse array of sporting disciplines at a young age.

He commended players in the corporate world like BancABC bank, Delta Beverages, Coca-Cola and Dairibord for promoting soccer in schools and at national level.

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