Dying to be men

Exiled award-winning Zimbabwean artist, Kudzanai Chuirai, returns to the exhibition scene this afternoon when he opens his solo expo, Dying to be Men, in Johannesburg.

Exiled award-winning Zimbabwean artist, Kudzanai Chuirai.
Exiled award-winning Zimbabwean artist, Kudzanai Chuirai.

Organisers are hopeful that the exhibition, which is scheduled for downtown Johannesburg, will be a success, following previous ones that have made an impression among arts lovers.

“The show features photographic prints, drawings, large oil paintings, video, sound installation and performance in a body of work that explores the African condition by juxtaposing the past and the present of a continent in the grip of violent civil wars,” said an official at Goodman Gallery, which will host the multiple award-winning artist’s exhibition.

Part of the exhibition will be showcased at the iconic Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street in Newtown, west of Johannesburg.

Chiurai’s work focuses on the political, economic and social strife in his homeland. Seminal works like “Presidential Wallpaper,” which depicted Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe as a sell-out, led to Chiurai's exile from Zimbabwe.

Other paintings tackle some of the most pertinent issues facing Southern Africa such as xenophobia, displacement and black empowerment.

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