Eddie Cross may be white – but he’s right

Hatred of whites is encouraged by this country’s vengeful nationalists through orgasmic outpourings of the horrors of colonialism on state television and radio. So I may, in that simpleton way, hate Eddie Cross and all that he says.

This uncivilised enmity may be exacerbated by the fact that Cross was part of the Rhodesian elite during the pre-independence years of black economic and political marginalisation.

But the fact that today he is a Member of Parliament for Bulawayo South, where black people like me that elected him, means that he is a Zimbabwean. The laws of this country facilitated and accepted his election and inauguration.

So, regardless of my potential generic hatred of white persons like Eddie Cross, he is a legitimate MP – and therefore needs to be taken seriously!

Recently, apparently acting on behalf of the people of Bulawayo South that he represents in the august House and, by logical extension, the broader people of reconciled post-independence Zimbabwe who include the pedestrian writer of this article the honourable MP did some amazing research.

Based on his findings he moved a sane motion in accordance with the procedures of Parliament – the same as those that were used to invent POSA and AIPPA – to the effect that the Marange diamonds in Manicaland province must be nationalised. It is patently evident that this priceless national resource is being looted by the Zanu (PF)-aligned military and political elite and the Chinese.

Responding to this move by Cross in carrying out the duty for which he is paid by the Zimbabwean taxpayers and for which he was elected, certain ´nationalists´ have been dismissive of the concerns he raised in a way that betrays their racist asymmetrical positioning in terms of the colour divide.

It is nauseating that the same people who unilaterally preached racial reconciliation at independence, long before I was born – of still economically and politically marginalised parents. In fact, save the informational empowerment of fertilizing my irrational hatred of white persons that I get unceasingly from the state media, I remain as materially impoverished. And this despite the fact that I was born more than two decades ago in the full national glare of the independence sun.

Before I was born, Cross was on the side of the oppressor – or so I am told. Today, I will tell my children, and their friends if they care to listen, that Honourable Member of Parliament Eddie Cross has proved himself to be on the side of the oppressed and marginalised like me against a system of state plunder presided over by corrupt blacks. Eddie Cross may be white, a prejudged idiot but – he’s right! – Vivid Gwede is a ZINASU student leader

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