Election observers unsafe

Zanu (PF) has sealed off most rural areas from its political rivals and if the situation does not change soon, non-Zanu (PF) election observers will not be safe, youths told the Youth Agenda Forum here last Sunday.

Some 500 youths drawn from surrounding districts converged here for a Youth Agenda sponsored soccer tournament and expressed their concerns regarding the coming election.

“Zanu (PF) has stepped up its politically intolerant election campaigns and was holding forced rallies around villages at least three times per week. This has created a tense situation around affected villages and people no longer have time to work the fields because of the rallies. If SADC does not create a level election field, even the lives of election observers could be in danger,” said a youth from UMP.

Youth Agenda Information Officer, Francis Rwodzi, said the youths also expressed concern that their efforts to register as voters were being frustrated by officials at the local Registrar General’s Offices.

Youth Agenda Programs Coordinator, Lawrence Mashungu urged the youths not to lose hope, but to continue seeking ways to register as voters.

“The voter process empowers you, as youths, to determine your future,” said Mashungu.

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