Elections won by policies

The political landscape in Zimbabwe is infested with politicians who are desperate to tilt the election outcome of their advantage. These men and women believe that they are chosen by God to decide who the people should vote for.

These people cannot deal with rejection and will do whatever it takes to avoid it. The political sphere has become so dangerous that even the mention of elections out the worst in people.

Youth militia are out of control in some areas. They are unemployed, above the law and puffed up on violence. They need to be reminded that once the elections are over, their blood bath will dry up and their evil acts will be avenged. The story of the Chokuda and Machaya families is a true testimony of that.

Youth dumped

Once they are in power, albeit by forceful means, politicians know that young people are no longer any use to them and they dump them bin until another election takes place.

It is high time that Zimbabwe moved into 21st century politics. Politicians should know that the days of ruling with a gun are over. People are sophisticated and educated – we know who we want to lead us, we know our own minds. People are fed up with political rhetoric.

Political manifestos should reflect people’s aspirations. Let the people elect leaders because of what they offer, not because they are threatened with another Chimurenga if they do not vote ‘wisely’.

People should be moved by their conscience to do the right thing, not be shown with machetes and guns. History has shown that the will of people will triumph even if they are intimidated. Who ever thought that Libyan strongman, Gaddafi, would be overthrown by his own people?

Nigerian writer, Chinua Achebe, in his book “Arrow of God” says: ‘You can not win justice against society’.

Coming to an end

Zimbabwean elections since the dawn of the millennium have been marred by violence. The leaders ought to be reminded that everything comes to an end. Election time is for the people to show their opinions and aspirations, it’s not time to lose human life unnecessarily.

People who attend political rallies should leave the venue feeling refreshed with the renewed hope of a better life and this can be achieved when people are not frog-marched to rallies.

Politicians should know that holding a different opinion does not make someone enemy or a traitor. People are not homogenous, and they view things differently. Having a different mindset does not make someone less of a Zimbabwean, or a traitor.

It’s high time the politicians realize that real power lies in the mind of the people. Democracy entitles every citizen to choose his or her destiny through the ballot box and people should not be forced to go against their will because someone is threatening or intimidating them.

Elections are won through policies not violence!

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