Global Roundup

Terror arrests

Police in Germany have arrested three people in relation to a neo-nazi group responsible for the death of at least 10 migrants over the last decade. The elite anti-terrorism squad detained and charged a 32-year-old man with supporting a terrorist network.

Market shift

In a massive policy shift, the Indian government will allow foreign supermarket companies access to its $450 billion retail market. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has allowed foreign investment in markets to 100 per cent from the 51 per cent cap.

Poll unfair: Ecowas

Gambia’s presidential elections have been condemned as lacking legitimacy by the West African regional body, Ecowas. Although the results are not known, the body says there was intimidation by supporters of president Yahey Jammeh in the lead-up to the poll.

Strike halts Portugal

A 24-hour strike over austerity measures has brought Portugal to a standstill. Hundreds of workers, including public transport providers, teachers and even hospital staff, took part. The country will slash its expenditure and receive $104 billion from the European Union.

Yemen violence

Violence has continued in Yemen after President Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed to step aside after 33-years in power. Protesters had been calling for his departure in recent months. He has indicated he will live outside the country.

Noriega heads home

A French court has agreed to extradite former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega to

his home country to face charges he had a political rival killed. Last year a French court sentenced him to seven years in jail for money laundering.

Korean threats

North Korea has threatened “a sea of fire” on the South Korean president’s office after the south conducted military exercises near the border. It comes a year after similar exercises prompted a small skirmish between the countries.

Media anxiety

Harry Potter creator J.K Rowling said she felt like her family was being held hostage by the media. Ms Rowling told the British parliamentary inquiry she was “angry” to find reporters had dropped a note into her daughter’s schoolbag.

Saudi protests flare

Protesters in Saudi Arabia have clashed with security forces, killing four and injuring nine. Gunfire broke out during a funeral procession. The country’s interior minister said it was rioters hoping to achieve “objectives dictated” by others abroad.

New PM for Egypt

Egypt’s military rulers have announced former prime minister Kamal Ganzouri will return to the job and form a new government. The prime minister between 1996 and 1999, he replaces the former cabinet which quit en masse last week after protests.

Iraq withdrawal

Authorities are moving to send US troops home from Iraq quicker than planned.

Troops have been flooding across the border, ahead of the end of the year deadline for withdrawal, but have been ordered to be sent straight home to America.

EU redrafted

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her French counterpart Nicholas Sarkozy have agreed to draft changes of the European Union’s treaties. The changes were not specified, but they said they would be revealed in early December.

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