Global Roundup

Greek revolution

Greece’s new prime minister, Lucas Papademos, says he will deliver the EU bailout offered to the country last month. The former European Central Bank vice president said the country is at “critical crossroads”.

Operator charged

A former mining boss has been charged after a gas explosion in New Zealand’s Pike River mine which killed 29 workers last year. Former chief executive Peter Whittall face 12 charges relating to the mine’s safety.

Sarkozy red-faced

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has publicly called Isreal’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “liar”. Speaking to US President Barack Obama at last week’s G20 meeting the private remark was caught by microphones.

Cholera fight

More than 5000 Haitian cholera victims are seeking compensation from the United Nations after a strain of the disease which is only found in south Asia killed 6,700. It is widely believed it was brought by Nepalese peacekeepers.

Turkey’s killer quake

Another earthquake has shaken Turkey, killing at least 12 and injuring more than 260. The magnitude-5.7 tremor levelled buildings in the country’s east. A nearby quake last month killed more than 500 people.

Prince moves

Future monarch and rescue pilot, Prince William, will be deployed to the Falkland Islands from next February. He will be one of four Royal Air Force helicopter pilots based in the British territory off the coast of Argentina.

Wei more needed

More than 22,200 people from around the world have helped outspoken Chinese artist WeiWei pay an outstanding tax bill. He has received almost $1 of the $2.3 million needed to pay the bill, due within days.

Malema dumped

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has suspended the membership of party’s controversial youth leader, Julius Malema, for five years. Investigations found he was bringing the party into disrepute.

Boxing champ dies

Joe Frazier, the first man to defeat legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, has died after a short battle with liver cancer. The two-time world heavyweight champion will be buried tomorrow (MONDAY). He was 67.

Mafia allegation

News International chief executive James Murdoch has been labelled a “Mafia boss” who is running a “criminal enterprise”. The allegation was made by British MP Tom Watson in the enquiry into newspapers’ use of phone hacking.

Soldier jailed

A disgraced American soldier has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering Afghan civilians and keeping body parts for souvenirs. However Sergent Calvin Gibbs, who pleaded not guilty, will be eligible for parole in 10 years.

Czech shooting

A man has taken his own life after going on a shooting rampage at an aircraft warehouse in the Czech Republic. The unnamed man reportedly killed two men and wounded a number of other people in the attack.

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