Hoping for resurrection

A Colombian woman kept her dead husband's body hidden in her house for a month in the hope he would resurrect himself.

Alba Yacue kept the corpse of her spouse, Lucio Chacue, in her home because he had told her that he would "come back to life". When he died of unknown causes, aged 61, she hid the corpse in their house and waited for him to wake up again.

Officials grew suspicious after neighbours wondered where Mr Chacue had gone and alerted soldiers. When investigators arrived at the home, they found the body of the late Chacue in the master bedroom.

"What was left of his body a month after his death was wrapped in a sheet," reported local newspaper La Nacion. "It was in a state of decomposition and gave off a nauseating odour that Alba Yacue endured in hopes of the possible resurrection of her companion, as he had promised her in life."

Yacue reportedly asked the La Paz Funeral Home to fix up the body, but then return it to her so that she could bury it in her backyard. Funeral director Evangelista Ome said: "In over 40 years of funerals, I have never seen anything of this magnitude. It has left us perplexed."

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