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Renowned and multi-talented rumba musician, Themba Mathe, who is the main voice behind the successful Plumtree-based band – Mokis Connection, has gone solo after more than a decade of service to the now very popular band.

Themba Mathe is on the cusp of releasing a new solo album.
Themba Mathe is on the cusp of releasing a new solo album.

Born Bekithemba in Zimbabwe’s second-biggest city of Bulawayo 37 years ago, the multi-talented Mathe has been a composer, actor, vocalist and dancer for the band, which he joined after the death of his mentor and Khalanga rumba legend, Ndux Malax, in the late 1990s.

He has provided his services to the band, owned by Plumtree businessman, Moki Ncube, since the release of their debut album – Mahlalela in 1998, which he also co-composed.

Recently, when the band released its umpteenth offering – Jayiva Malayisha, Mathe co-composed with Ncube and like in most of the band’s albums, did all the lead and backing vocals.

“I know that people will come up with all sorts of stories based about why I am going solo, but get it from me, I did not have any problems with Moki and my move comes after the realisation that I have reached a stage where I should stand on my own and push my own projects.

Moki has been very good to me since I joined the band and it is for that reason that I have been with the band for more than 10 years, as a way of paying him back,” said Mathe from his new base in Johannesburg, where he has signed with Nothani Maseko’s fast-growing All Stars Music stable.

“Mokis Connection is also not dead. I will do my own projects and when it is time to record a new album with Mokis, or to hold shows, I will always be available, should I be needed there, so fans should not press any panic batons.”

Mathe added that his solo career was influenced, among other issues, by his need to remain in South Africa, where he is pursuing better life opportunities, clamours from his fans for him to launch a solo career and the enticing offer from his new stable.

“Work is in progress and very soon, I will be releasing and launching my debut solo album, in which I promise to give fans value for their money,’ added the popular musician, who grew up in the Halale area of Matobo, 70 km southwest of Bulawayo.

“I will not say much about my solo name and my coming works, but fans should brace themselves for a classy act that will be worthy for the launch of a new Themba brand – Ayibophe!” said Mathe.

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