Mayor spreads Christmas cheer

Town Mayor, Farai Nyandoro, has initiated a Christmas Cheer Fund with a difference. Unlike similar programmes conducted by city mayors across the country, the Nyandoro Fund will cater for the welfare of the needy throughout the year.

Farai Nyandoro
Farai Nyandoro

The mayor realised that the needy did not just require food and clothing during the festive season, but all year round.

“From experience, I have learnt that privileged people only think of the plight of the underprivileged during the festive season. This is a wrong. My 2011 Mayor’s Cheer Fund will be the beginning of good things for the poor,” he said.

The committee managing the fund has initially set aside $100 000 for people who require assistance in 2012. As the year progresses, other donors are expected to come aboard.

“Top of the priority list of beneficiaries is the aged members of our community, orphans, children struggling to pay school fees, patients in need of hospital fees, patients discharged from hospitals who fail to raise transport fees and youth self-help projects.

“Many families are managed by orphaned children who have no constant source of income and, as Mayor, I saw it necessary to help. For the elderly, besides taking care of them in Old People’s Homes such as Idawekwako, the fund will also extend to those living at home.”

The mayor spoke about the unfortunate circumstances that hospital patients find themselves in when they are discharged, but cannot foot the transport bill home.

“Some come from far away rural homes and cannot afford the transport. The fund will provide a permanent safety net for such people.”

Other initiatives that will receive funding include healthcare at Nyameni and Dombotombo clinics and a shoe-making cooperative based at Dombotombo Hall to provide employment for young people.

“The Fund Committee will be comprised of stakeholders such as the business community, financial institutions, residents, some targeted beneficiaries and council employees. It will be chaired by a professional accountant and council senior employee, the Council Director of Finance.

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