MDC probe clears members of corruption allegations

The South African province of the MDC led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, says it has failed to find any evidence of corruption within its ranks.

After two anonymous letters were sent to various media houses, which alleged that a top member of the Kwanele Moyo-led executive was charging unsuspecting Zimbabweans between R1 500 and R5 000 to process South African work permits, the provincial executive quickly launched an internal investigation into the allegations.

Moyo revealed in a recent interview that the investigations, which closed late last week, had exonerated the entire executive and that no complainants had come forward to give credence to the claims. This solidifies the party’s initial claims that the allegations were the work of two former members who were disgruntled at their loss in elections early this year.

“We have finalised the probe, which left no stone unturned, but still found no credible evidence that any member of the provincial executive was, either using the name of the party, or in their own individual capacity, involved in the said corruption,” said Moyo.

“We also publicly called on those affected by the alleged corruption to come forward and make an official complaint, but not even one victim of the alleged corruption came forward and this therefore, gives us strong belief that someone out there was trying to soil our reputation, not only as individual members of the MDC, but the whole party as a whole.”

Other allegations were that Moyo, the secretary Nhamo Chikowore and organising secretary Samuel Mavhunga were arrested after they were all implicated by fellow Zimbabwe work permits seekers. But police in Hillbrow said that no charge was ever made against the trio.

“We were not arrested and police did not open a case against any of us. While this is a setback, it also comes as an eye-opener about the Zanu (PF)-inclined people that we had within our structures because a genuine MDC cadre would not publicly make such false claims against their beloved party,” added the MDC leader.

“Now we will move with caution and know who we are dealing with. People should not fight for positions in such a foolish manner that benefits the enemy and even if such were happening, the individuals, who we know very well, should have approached us as a party and made known their concerns, but we are not concerned because we have realised that they lied and that their lies have since been exposed.

The SA Home Affairs Department also found no evidence against the office bearers.

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