MDC-T youths barred from ZNA

MDC-T youths here have been barred from army recruitment by a known partisan war veteran and Zanu (PF) bootlicker.

The youths, who wanted to qualify for admission to the Zimbabwe National Army as junior soldiers, were fished out from the process. One of the affected youths told The Zimbabwean that a war veteran identified as Maxwell Chitera, moved around the queue where youths were waiting to take part in a 10km marathon race which the army would use to select trainees.

“Chitera pointed at several youths from the queue and told us that no MDC members would be allowed to be become soldiers. He added that they should first convert to Zanu (PF), the party with liberation credentials, if they were serious about pursuing their dreams of getting into ZNA,” said the youth.

Another youth added: “We are indeed MDC-T supporters, but we never imagined it could cost us an opportunity of becoming civil servants.”

Jameson Tsuro, the MDC-T Midlands South Information and Publicity chief, told The Zimbabwean that the development was unacceptable as it violated the constitutional rights of bona fide Zimbabweans.

“It’s a problem when Zanu (PF) monopolises state institutions like the army. It makes me mad. The youths were eligible for that recruitment because they are citizens of Zimbabwe,” Tsuro said.

It is not the first time that MDC-T youths have been blocked from ZNA enrolment by Zanu (PF) activists. Recently, Fidelis Danger, the Zanu (PF) youth District Chairman for Chirimumanzu, also screened MDC-T youths from the recruitment process in the area.

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