Media hangman works illegally

The Zimbabwe Media Commission is divided over the contract renewal for the commission's controversial chief executive officer, Tafataona Mahoso.

Tafataona Mahoso
Tafataona Mahoso

Sources at the commission told The Zimbabwean that Mahoso's contract with the then-infamous Media and Information commission expired in 2009 before the formation of ZMC under the Global Political agreement.

"When the ZMC commissioners were appointed in November 2010, Mahoso's three year contract with MIC had expired and the new commissioners were divided over his reappointment. Some commissioners with strong Zanu (PF) links such as Christopher Mutsvangwa insisted that he should be taken aboard, while other commissioners felt his continued existence at ZMC was not good for the media industry. Since then his contract has not been renewed," said a source at the commission who refused to be named for fear of victimisation.

The source said Mahoso has not deliberately raised the issue with his employers because he does not have legally binding employment contract with ZMC.

Mahoso, who has been described as a media hangman because of his alleged ruthless closure of media houses during his tenure at MIC, still enjoys his employment perks which include a top of the range 4×4 Nissan, a gardener and a driver.

When reached for comment Godfrey Majonga, ZMC chairperson, said he was not aware of Mahoso's employment status at the commission.

"Where did you get that information from? I need to look at his contract and find out what it says," he said.

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