Mugabe gives elephants to China

President Robert Mugabe has donated three elephants to China in appreciation for that country’s assistance to his wife’s orphanage project.

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force says it does not know where the elephants came from and is concerned that they may not survive the long, traumatic journey to China. In the early years of Independence, Mugabe was a committed conservationist. He even has his own herd of elephants in Hwange National Park. The herd is protected by a Presidential Decree, which Mugabe reaffirmed on May 19 this year.

Meanwhile, the ZCTF has raised concerns about a Chinese-owned milling company in Shamva, next door to the GMB. It is alleged that gold miners in Umfurudzi, Shamva and Bindura take their ore to the milling company to have the gold extracted.

The milling company sells 3,5 kilograms of mercury to each miner and this mercury is then used in separating the gold from the ore.

“After separation, the balance of the ore is dumped in a huge pile which is now approximately 15 feet high, 30 feet wide and 60 feet long and the complainants are concerned that there doesn't seem to be any evidence that the mercury is removed from the waste ore prior to dumping.

The mill runs 24 hours per day and mills four tons of ore per hour This means that approximately 96 tons are milled and dumped per day. One miner claims that he used 700 grams of mercury to process 28 tons of ore,” reports the ZCTF. The biggest concern is that when the rains come, the mercury contaminated waste ore will be washed into the Mazoe River system, poisoning the water for aquatic life and humans. Mercury can cause various diseases including cancer. The ZCTF has appealed to the Environmental Management Authority to investigate urgently.

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