Music gala at Tony’s Kitchen

Upcoming musicians based here held an end of year Music Gala to showcase their talent at Tony’s Kitchen last night.

The music extravaganza featured musicians from both the Sungura and Reggae music genre.

“Throughout the year we have been staging shows separately in the town and around surrounding farms. The upcoming show was as a result of the need to showcase music skills we have acquired since we started on our respective music careers. It was also

a result of public demand by surrounding farmers,” said one of the musicians, Kenge Mpombera, of 5 Penga Penga Band.

Other musicians who took part include Kenge Mpombera with the 5 Penga Penga Band, Tineyi Sithole and the Little Swallows Band, Hwedza Stars and Faheen Somanje with the Tokudayi Mese Stars, among several other talented musicians.

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