NACZ policies retard art: Jumo

Duemosteel Enta10ment owner, Tawanda Jumo, who has become the stepping stone for most Kwekwe-based aspiring artists, still believes that some of the policies of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe are retrogressive and not in the best interests of the ailing sector.

Tawanda Jumo nurtures aspiring artists based in Kwekwe.
Tawanda Jumo nurtures aspiring artists based in Kwekwe.

Responding to the question as to whether NACZ was doing enough to promote and develop arts in the country, Jumo said, “I believe some of its policies actually retard the growth of small artists like myself. For instance, small artists usually rely on flat fees paid by bar owners. But the NACZ usually cancel such shows, therefore this will affect the artists not the bar owner”

The passionate artist is of the opinion that, “Small artists need to do shows for themselves,” before lamenting that “the NACZ says one has to register as a promoter to “promote” your own shows”.

A teacher by profession, Jumo has since taken up the herculean task of promoting and developing art in his town (Kwekwe) by nurturing aspiring artists.

The Metal Technology tutor is now a proud owner of Duemosteel Enta10ment which has three departments; Duemosteel Recording Studios, Bantuman I & Steelthrob and Chipondechangu Arts Academy.

The latter department deals with talent identification and nurturing. It teaches youths to take up and pursue their artistic discipline of choice. Jumo said the company also partnered with volunteers from the community to help develop the youths.

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