Nationalise Marange

EDITOR - I refer to the headline in The Zimbabwean on Sunday newspaper this past week, 'MDC to stop Marange theft’. God has blessed Zimbabwe with abundant natural resources that have been squandered and plundered. I am sure, that like myself, nearly every single Zimbabwean backs Member of Parliament Eddie Cross's motion to nationalise the Marange diamond fields and use them for the good of this whole nation. We back it 100%!

Botswana most certainly is a good example to follow. Africa wallows in war and poverty despite it being an extremely rich continent due to greedy and disastrous leadership. Let Zimbabwe be one of the nations to bring change to our continent. A question I ask myself time and time again is how the rich oil producing nations of Africa are still mired in absolute want and need and suffering. I think that if we had to examine the lifestyles and bank accounts of those who lead we would find our answer! How do these people sleep at night knowing millions of Zimbabweans and Africans in general are in dire need?

Zanu (PF) gives itself away by dissenting against this motion. Any political leader who is worth his salt and has any reality whatsoever of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ and cares anything for his fellow man would jump at this idea. With the resources that have been God-given to this nation there should not be one hungry person, homeless child, uncared for old person, left alone sick person or family without shelter and clean water. And all civil servants should earn decent, liveable salaries. Dignity needs to be restored to those who are called to support families.

Let companies invest in mining and let each mine be made to support the community with a laid down percentage so that everyone in that area benefits. Let commercial farmers farm and feed their expertise and produce into the surrounding communities. Co-operatives could work in tandem with the farmer and projects be out sourced bringing work and team spirit. Politics has been more destructive to Zimbabwe than any other factor. We say that Zimbabwe must be largely depoliticised and that, for a change, we work together as a team. How about that? Team Zimbabwe! – NAN, by e-mail

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