One meal a day …rivers dry up

The rivers here are little more than sandy channels, forcing locals to walk as far as 15km in search of water.

Emaciated cattle have to trek great distances for a drink of water.
Emaciated cattle have to trek great distances for a drink of water.

Eleven-year-old David Magarira from Muzokomba primary school in Buhera South leads his father’s cattle to Mainzo Dam, which is about 15 km from their home. He is surviving on one meal a day due to the food shortages in the area.

“We are facing food shortages because of the bad harvest, forcing people to survive on one meal per day,’’ said Richard Magarira a villager from Muzokomba.

Some of the villagers have been invading nearby farms in the Chivhu and Norton districts in search of maize.

“Every year we face hunger, but this year the situation is very serious,” said Sekuru Morava from Muzirikazi.

Long queues at the local boreholes are a common sight.

“You wait in the queue for more than two hours to fetch the water,” said a villager.

The local councillor for the area, Bodier Nendanga, said the situation had become tense now that cattle were beginning to die of starvation.

“Almost 34 cattle have died because water and pastures have become a big problem,” he said

The locals have called on the Constituency Development Fund to invest in boreholes and dams which might ease the water shortage.

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