Persecution disturbing: MDC-T

Midlands South MDC-T Information and Publicity chief, Jameson Tsuro, said the party was incredibly disturbed by persecution of Mkoba House of Assembly member, Amos Chibaya, by state security.

Early this year, Chibaya, was arrested by police and spent a week in filthy police cells at Mtapa police station. He was accused of assaulting a senior soldier. However, the soldier, Hungwe, disowned a police affidavit in court which chronicled the alleged crime, saying Chibaya never assaulted him.

A few weeks later, Chibaya was charged for allegedly uttering a statement undermining the country’s security forces. The two cases are still pending in the courts.

In an interview with The Zimbabwean, Tsuro bemoaned the recent arrest of Chibaya for allegedly assaulting a group of Zanu (PF) supporters. He was arrested when he went to report a case in which his official car had been damaged by the group.

“We are deeply concerned with the conduct of police on Chibaya. They are giving the world the impression that he is a violent person, when he is not. He is being persecuted for having the MDC at heart,” Tsuro said.

Chibaya recently told The Zimbabwean that he was being persecuted by police on instructions from Zanu (PF) who wanted to silence him from calling for regime change and an end to President Robert Mugabe’s rule.

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