Police officer arrested after 120mph chase

A US police officer in a marked car was arrested for zigzagging through traffic at more than 120mph so he could get to his off duty job on time.

Officer Fausto Lopez, 35, of Miami was handcuffed at gunpoint and later charged with reckless driving on the Florida Turnpike.

In a video recorded on the pursuing trooper's in-car camera, Lopez led Florida highway patrol officer D.J. Watts on a 12-mile chase in pre-dawn darkness.

The highway patrol officer said she couldn't even overtake the Miami police car "due to the unit traveling extremely reckless, in and out of traffic at high rates of speed", according to a police report.

Officer Watts wrote in her report that Lopez "stated that he was en route to an off-duty work detail and that he had to be there by 7am".

Lopez's lawyer, William Matthewman, later said in a statement that his client was innocent.

He said: "Officer Fausto Lopez is a good police officer who has worked as a uniform patrol officer on the streets of Miami for nearly six years, protecting the citizens of Miami.

"The allegation that he was driving his police vehicle 120 mph is not accurate and is disputed… This is a simple misunderstanding that has been blown out of proportion."

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